#DFNYFocus On: Maja Aro – Stuntwoman / Stunt Coordinator

(Red, The Twilight Saga, The Cabin In The Woods, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters)

Q:   Which film do you love that might surprise people?

MA: Edward Scissorhands, one of the first films that had a big impact on me, I remember going out of my way to be nice to people and not treat anyone differently because I felt so badly for Edward.  I am still a massive Tim Burton fan to this day, but that film in particular is one of my favorite films of all time.

Q:  If you could pair up any two actors/actresses, living or dead, which two would it be & what kind of film?

MA: Probably Helen Mirren and Lori Petty in a period action adventure set in Scythia where they are both warriors.

Q:  Which film has had the biggest impact on you personally, and why?

MA: So many movies have had big impacts on me for different reasons, here are my top 3 and why (outside of Edward Scissorhands that I already mentioned)

The original Mad Max trilogy, Road Warrior if I had to pick one. They inspired my imagination and hours of play when I was younger, and continue to inspire my imagination to create worlds, great stories and cool outfits as an adult.

G.I. Jane – I loved how cool and tough Demi Moore’s character was, and I would create Navy Seal tests for myself and do one armed push ups in my bedroom when I was supposed to be asleep, I almost joined the Army because of that movie.  I just wanted to be as cool and badass as her so bad (I even shaved my head after watching it because I was so inspired by her character).

Tomb Raider, I feel like it’s a cliche, but same as GI Jane, I wanted to be an adventurer after this.  I totally related to her and wanted to be her, I even designed my living room after hers (a combo of her living room and the Matrix dojo, but still very influenced by Miss Croft).  I think wanting to be her, and wanting to go on epic adventures was definitely a factor in me pursuing stunts.

Q: If you could have one prop from any film what would it be?

MA: I wish I’d had the balls to ask for one of the double action cross bows that Gretel used in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, it was my favorite prop that I’ve gotten the chance to use.

But seriously, from any movie, Indiana Jones’ whip would be pretty damn cool!

Q: Is there any subject matter which you would not make a film about?

MA: Probably something graphic with children, as the thought of anyone being entertained by that makes me super sad.

Twitter: @MajaAro

Maja Aro’s IMDB Page:

Maja Aro Stunt Demo Reel

#DFNYFocus is a new series from Daily Flick NY focusing on the personal film tastes of Screenwriters, Directors, Producers and other individuals working in the film industry


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