#DFNYFocus On: Andy Armstrong – Assistant Director / Stunt Coordinator

(Hoffa, The Firm, Universal Soldier, Stargate, Planet Of The Apes, Green Hornet, Thor, The Amazing Spiderman 1 & 2)

Q: Which film do you love that might surprise people?
AA: Several movies:
Bad Day At Black Rock (1955 Directed By John Sturgess)
The Professionals (1966 Directed By Richard Brooks)
Key Largo (1948 Directed By John Huston)
Junior Bonnor (1972 Directed By Sam Pechinpah)
Deliverance (1972 Directed By John Boorman)
Apart from The Professionals, none of these are really “Action” movies so that might surprise anyone who knows my own work.

Q: If you could pair up any two actors/actresses, living or dead, which two would it be & what kind of film?
AA: Sophia Loren and Lauren Bacall and the movie would be a female version of “The Odd Couple”.

Q: Which film has had the biggest impact on you personally, and why?
AA: Two movies I can remember very well from my childhood, which absolutely changed my life –
“Thunder Road” as it seemed to have the same feeling about fast cars and dangerous occupations as I had.
“Dr No” which I went to see as a 9 year old boy with my Father and Brother and the whole world it showed made an impression on me.

Q: If you could have one prop from any film what would it be?
AA: Though it’s an action vehicle and not strictly a prop, the Lamborghini Muira from the opening sequence of the original “Italian Job”.

Q: Is there any subject matter which you would not make a film about?
AA: Not sure if there are any “subjects” but there several “practices” that if they
were necessary in order to make the movie, I absolutely would not make that movie.
These would be things such as Animal Cruelty, Damage or Destruction to Forests or Historical Landmarks.

Andy Armstrong’s IMDB Page

Andy Armstrong’s Personal Page

#DFNYFocus is a new series from Daily Flick NY focusing on the personal film tastes of Screenwriters, Directors, Producers and other individuals working in the film industry


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