#DFNYFocus on: Lynda Obst – Producer, Bestselling Author

(Interstellar, Sleepless In Seattle, Good Girls Revolt) 

DFNY Focus Five Questions:

Q:   Which film do you love that might surprise people?

LO: I am not sure what would surprise people about me but two films I love that you might not guess are Tony Scott’s
“True Romance,” and “Friday Night Lights.” Now if you know that I love football and Texas, the latter masterpiece of culture, character and filmaking is not so unexpected
—  I am not a Tarantino junkie by a long stretch, but Tony Scott’s brilliant take of this less cartoonish version of early Tarantino low life dialogue and the underbelly of LA decadence took me by the gut and slung me around the room. I loved the visceral camera work, the performances, the whole pastiche. I bought it. I can’t forget it.

Q:   If you could pair up any two actors/actresses, living or dead, which two would it be & what kind of film?

LO: Jennifer Lawrence and Marlon Brando// drama

Q:  Which film has had the biggest impact on you personally, and why?

LO: All About Eve and 2001: A Space Odyssey – can’t choose. two best films of their genres. My two favorite genres. Both dazzled in their direction/
AAE is the best direction of actors, dialogue, blocking, blocking for dialogue — Eve: will be my template for directing. Tone perfection throughout the film, invisible but perfect camera work.
2001, the opposite. dazzling use of camera, executed ambition of a mysterious concept beyond our ken, keeping us intrigued without mystified. Presentation of big ideas, big production design, big camera work. consciously dazzling to give sense of the scale of the cosmos.
The two kinds of movies I aspire to make.

Q: If you could have one prop from any film what would it be?

LO: Monolith from 2001 for backyard sculpture?

Q: Is there any subject matter which you would not make a film about?

LO: On the face of it no. But there are attitudes or treatments of subject matter I would refuse to participate in. gratuitous violence, esp to women. or pornographic violence, ie violence that pretends to be there for story but is really there for the enjoyment of the audience.


Lynda Obst’s IMDB Page


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