Singer / Songwriter Milton on “Inside Llewyn Davis”

“…I would love to have gotten the call for Inside Llewyn Davis (not to take anything away from the soundtrack that exists).  I just love the movie and its subject matter is very close to my heart. My musical consciousness pretty much dawned on 8th & MacDougal as a pre-teen and I’ve been fascinated with Greenwich Village history for most of my life.  I loved Dylan’s Chronicles, Van Ronk’s Mayor of MacDougal Street, Richie Havens’ autobiography, you name it.  The whole bohemian coffee house / winter in the city mood captured in the film was just fantastic. As a singer/songwriter in the tradition of the 60’s Village folk guys myself,  I’d love to complete that connection.  With Llewyn Davis, the Coen brothers rather quietly made a big film that says a lot very well, a true sleeper…”

Milton’s Website

Inside Llewyn Davis at IMDB



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