Actor Paul Easom on Filming Ken Russell’s “The Lair Of The White Worm”

I worked on “The Lair of The White Worm” in 1988 and was supposed to work with him again on “Prisoner of Honor” the Dreyfus affair in ’91.  My memories of the shoot are a bit obscure, but I do remember that he was quite a scary man!  He had a ferocious bark which he would let loose constantly on the poor actors – fortunately, I was hired as a dancer, and he loved movement and dance, so from our perspective he treated us a little kinder. In the film we were “nun-raping gladiators”,  I recall having to stand around the set totally naked from the waist down, with this very heavy armour plated jacket cutting into my flesh, and having to run into frame endless takes, whilst raping a bunch of praying Nuns! I was partnered up with a lady named Tina who was a stripper by profession.  Mr Russell took great delight in filming these scenes – by the way, we were also “raping witch doctors”, with huge phallic penises attached to us.  We then had to dance around this poor actress before impaling her with our penises from every angle- horrid. It appeared that for any intricate acting scenes, Ken would do minimal takes, whilst the rape scenes seemed to go on forever! In one instance, we shot a scene involving me, my friend Andy and two nuns over a dozen times – with cameras pointed at our genital-areas, us frantically gyrating and  with Prokofiev blasting out on the sound stage.  There was a funny moment when he looked at my friend Andy, who was very camp, and said,  “I think you better do her doggy style, dear!”

Later, on the other picture, I was supposed to be a male trans-prostitute, but unfortunately had to pull out as I had another job. But it was quite an experience working for Ken, although it was only a week’s work…!

Paul Easom’s IMDB Page:



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